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In the North Indian commune, the family business has always been considered as the safest career route. But with vision and family support, everything is possible, in this case RAJENDRA OMPRAKASH AGARWAL managed to make waves in the real estate business. No success is possible without a mentor. He found his mentor in his elder brother PURUSHOTTAM OMPRAKASH AGARWAL who encouraged Rajendra to excel in his studies. With this support and a strong commitment to excel, he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering in 1984.

Agarwal Family
The family hails from Jalna in Maharashtra. Traditionally the family has been into trading mainly in edible and vegetable oils. The family commands great respect in Jalna. The family comprises of Purushottam, Rajendra & Ravindra with their respective families. The family is headed by the mother, Ms Shantadevi.Agrawal. The whole family had been shifted here in mumbai since last 12 years and started the business here as real estate developers with the developement of different projects in various groups. Mr Rajendra Agrawal & Mr. Ravindra Agrawal is dealing with the budget homes in navi mumbai while Mr. Purushottam Agrawal is dealing with premium class flats and apartments in towered buildings in Navi Mumbai.

Purushottam Omprakash Agarwal
The eldest son of Omprakash Agarwal is a business man with loads of experience to his credit. He has hands-on experience in the Vegetable Oil, Steel Trading and Civil Supplies. He completed his education in Jalna(Commerce) and moved ahead to take charge of the traditional family business. During the best business days he multiplied the business turnover by diversifying into many other allied products. Cut-throat competition in the market driven by cheap products devoid of quality did not suit the traditional mind-set of this business-man. He was thus looking for better avenues in business.

Rajendra Omprakash Agarwal
The worthy brother qualified as a Graduate Civil Engineer from the Marathwada University in 1984. His qualification marked the beginning of the entry into the Real Estate business for the family. Under the able guidance of his elder brother, Rajendra had the support and experience other graduates lacked.

After graduating instead of joining the family business he decided to start his own profession, and as such he then shifted to Hyderabad where, firstly he practiced as junior engineer with a reputed firm M/S Narendra & Associates, Hyderabad and later on he has executed various projects, worth Rs. 300 Lakhs, including designing and supervision of Factory Sheds, Residential Bungalows etc., from 1984 to 1989. Thereafter he shifted to Jalna, where he has executed projects worth Rs.15 Crores from 1989 to 1994, which include designing and supervision of Commercial Complex, City Town Hall, Residential Colonies, Banks, Oil Mills, Re-Rolling Mills etc. Thereafter he shifted to Vaijapur, a town near Shirdi, where he has successfully completed a Mega-Project of 256 Bungalows and 158 Shops.

In 1997, he then moved in to Navi Mumbai as a honey bee would move in to a rich and luscious flower. The golden opportunity for Engineers in Navi Mumbai was a big step for him. The dream of making it work for the next generation brought him to Navi Mumbai.

In Navi Mumbai, he is working for M/S Sidhivinayak Builthome Specalities Pvt Ltd, and many other builders. Since 1997 in Navi Mumbai he has designed and supervised projects worth Rs.25 Crores, which mainly include Resi-cum- Commercial Complexes. Presently he is working on Projects of Rs. 18 Crores. He has under him a team of 6 persons who assist him on his work.

The Agarwal Brothers & Murari Group
With this mutual support they developed the real estate business and brought it to its current position as a market leader. The family moved to Navi Mumbai seeking better opportunities in this ‘city of dream’. The golden opportunity for developers in Navi Mumbai at that time was the next big step for the brothers.

The Brothers first carried out the business under the banner of Murari Builders & Developers (Jalna) for the various projects handled by them in and around Jalna. They completed various assignments under this banner. Rajendra was in charge of operations while Purushottam took care of financial management. Together they undertook Rs. 1600 Lakhs worth business in economy scale projects with low margins. The dream of making it work for the next generation brought the family to Navi Mumbai.

In NAVI MUMBAI, the MURARI GROUP came into existence with their first concern viz. Murari Builders & Developers in 1997-98 with their first Project in Navi Mumbai i.e. Om Murari.

The Group in Navi Mumbai now comprises of:-
  1. Murari Constructions Pvt.Ltd
  2. Murari Engineers & Contractors.
  3. Harmony Homes
  4. SiddhiVinayak Built Home Specialities Pvt.Ltd.

This group has been instrumental in realizing the dreams of many families i.e. to have a beautiful home. It has to its credit the task of creating over a 500 Residential Units in Navi Mumbai Area. A list of projects undertaken is enclosed.

Even in adversity the Group has the reputation of standing by its customers and returning their booking advances. Over 50 MTNL employees who had advanced booking amount could not realize their dreams since their employer could not extend them the Home Loans as promised. Despite planning and financial commitments in the Project the Group paid of all the unfortunate customers. This prudent business decision has earned them regular customers from the low income group. As per the Group they command a booking at the stage of Project inception.

With transparent ideas and quality material the Group delivers its houses on time, in each and every project. The company takes on only a limited number of projects at a time, which is their key to success. This Group has the unique advantage of academic knowledge as well as experience, a contribution by both the brothers.